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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in High Point, NC

Choose Renewal by Andersen in High Point for professional window replacement and patio door installation services near Greensboro. Homeowners design their own windows and patio doors, then trust our local industry experts for efficient installation and so much more.

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

At Renewal by Andersen, we use the Andersen-exclusive composite material, called Fibrex® material to build stronger, long-lasting window frames.

Hassle free process.

With one phone call, a team of professionals are ready to conduct your window replacement and door installation project. From design to installation, we’re ready to help make your experience as hassle-free as possible.

Unrivaled beauty.

We provide standard window and patio doors styles that homeowners can customize based on the look or function they need in their homes. Our designers help you determine which of the 50+ custom options work best for your existing style, upgrading your home’s entire look instantly.

Long term value.

We understand that replacing your windows and patio doors is an investment. That’s why we offer a limited warranty that covers the custom glass, Fibrex® material, and even reinstallation costs if your window or doors are damaged.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

Begin with a no-obligation consultation with professional window designers. These experts walk you through our entire process and help you choose the best styles for your home.

Project Planning

When you’re ready to order, our expert technicians will carefully measure your windows. Our goal is to offer a perfect fit the first time. Then, our master craftsmen build your made-to-order replacement windows and doors to your exact specifications.


During installation, you’ll interact with our Certified Master Installers. These team members follow our proven replacement process, limiting interruptions to your everyday routine as much as possible.

Customer Care

Even after your windows and doors have been replaced, our team is available to answer your questions. For information about maintenance and upkeep, warranty, or to schedule your next replacement project, please call our customer care team.

Our Products

Replacement Windows

At Renewal by Andersen, window installation is our primary focus. High Point can trust our industry-leading process to deliver thorough, efficient service every time. We provide seven window styles for homeowners to choose from based on their home’s architectural style or desired functionality. Once you’ve chosen the window style you want, you can personalize your replacement windows with any of the design options available. Customizations include interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes and styles, and grille designs. All Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows are designed with Fibrex® material window frames, which ensures long-lasting performance and durability, even in extreme weather conditions. Browse our galleries to learn more about each window style or read the descriptions below.

Awning Windows

Awning windows reflect a classic, traditional window style. Built with a hinged top and a crank-style handle, these replacement windows allow you to direct airflow throughout your space while protecting your interior from the elements. The hinged top creates a weatherproof hood when open and is typically placed in hard-to-reach areas, like above the kitchen sink or countertops.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows and bow windows are the perfect way to upgrade any room and add functional storage space. These projection windows include three to six window panels, built in a concave structure. Not only will bay windows and bow windows fill your space with natural light, but they are installed with energy efficiency in mind. Add shelves or a bench for additional storage, which also adds value to your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most energy-efficient windows because they are designed with an outswing configuration and a crank handle. The outswing configuration is a space-saving feature, while the crank handle allows you to better control the ventilation and tightly seals the window from leaks. The expansive glass pane filled with energy-efficient glass also increases your energy savings with this window.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are the most space-saving replacement window Renewal by Andersen offers. The two movable horizontal sashes glide along a smooth track. These windows are ideal for modern-style homes that feature the sleek-edge style and thrive on convenient functionality.

Double Hung Windows

If you’re looking for a window that complements any style of home and adds to the home’s functionality, choose the double hung windows from Renewal by Andersen. This custom window style features two movable vertical sashes that allow you to direct airflow according to your preference. These windows are also designed with a tilt-inward feature to make cleaning easy.

Picture Windows

The purpose of picture windows is to frame your outdoor views while improving energy efficiency. These replacement windows are ideal for high vaulted ceilings or out-of-reach places. Because you cannot open this window, once it’s installed, your home is protected with a seal preventing drafts and leaks. Choose a small accent picture window or create a window wall with these energy-efficient windows.

Specialty Windows

If you’re looking for something outside the box, look no further than Renewal by Andersen customizable specialty windows. These replacement windows are stationary, meaning they do not move, and come with the largest selection of customization options. Choose custom-shaped windows or custom-sized windows to fit unique spaces in your home. You can even pair this window style with other window style for a more dynamic display in your living space.

Patio Doors

A patio door is so much more than a way to access to your backyard. Renewal by Andersen patio doors in High Point make spending time with your friends and family an easy, enjoyable experience. Whether you choose sliding patio doors for their convenient design or a hinged French door for its elegance, each glass door comes with durability and improved energy efficiency. Find the style that fits your home best when you browse our galleries, or call our professional designers in Greensboro today to get started!

Sliding Glass Patio Door

A perfect blend of modern design and efficiency, our contemporary sliding patio door offers homeowners a sleek solution. With its streamlined appearance, it not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also makes the most of the available space inside and outside of your home.

French Sliding Patio Door

Combines the elegance of French design with the practicality of sliding doors, this option is both stylish and functional. Homeowners can customize its appearance with various grille designs and color options, ensuring it complements the overall aesthetic of the home.

French Hinged Patio Door

For those who have a soft spot for classic designs, our French hinged patio door is an ideal choice. Beyond its timeless appeal, this door offers adjustable hinges, allowing homeowners to determine the swing direction that best suits their space. The result is a door that is as practical as it is beautiful.

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Proudly Serving High Point, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

For homeowners in High Point and nearby cities, Renewal by Andersen provides full-service window replacement and patio door installation. Our company brings the combination of installation service and building custom windows and patio doors to the Greensboro area. Schedule your no-obligation design consultation with us today!

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Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Crafted with 40% recycled wood, our Fibrex® material stands above conventional vinyl windows in terms of strength, performance, and lifespan.
The durability of Fibrex® material means slimmer window frames, which can hold expansive glass sections.
Fibrex® material is resistant to common issues like cracking, corrosion, and decay.
Decades of rigorous testing prove the enduring nature of our windows, a testament to their built-to-last promise.

Get in Touch with Us

Call Renewal by Andersen near High Point to schedule your in-home consultation today. Our professionals are committed to simplifying every step of the process, so you can enjoy your new home improvement sooner than you think. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free, 4-step process.

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